Veit Tool & Gage Dimension over ball/pin DOB/DOP gages are used typically to measure pitch diameters of gears and splines, but not limited too. Designed for accuracy , durability and ease of use. With consistent upgrades as technology advances. They are very versatile in their ability to accurately measure a variety of part features. Our units have been utilized in the manufacturing industry for 30 years.

From our simple economical 2-anvil single tool unit with indicator, to our “dual” 3-station turret head design unit with optional partelevator platen, or custom design unit to fit your specific application.


  • Accuracy and repeatability to 2 micron
  • Flexible capacity to handle a variety of part types and sizes on our “Standard” units


Key Features

  • Shop floor durability
  • Capable of both internal and external applications
  • Adjustable mesh engagement pressure
  • Choice of mechanical or electronic indicator, digital probe or glass scale
  • MarCom wireless data transfer software/with Mahr Type 1086RI electronic indicator
  • Solartron IS5500 digital probe readout/ with digital probe
  • Marposs Nemo Unit with probe
  • Or use data collection device of your choice


Download Ball/Pin/DOB/DOP Gages PDF data sheet

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