The Veit Tool & Gage semi-automatic and full automatic gear burnishing system is a three-roll, oscillating type machine. The proven burnishing method has been utilized in many automotive and other powertrain manufacturing facilities for 3 decades. These machines and their unique process remove nicks, burrs, heat treat scale and other foreign matter from the gear tooth flanks.

Burnisher Model #1000 – Manual load/unload semi-automatic machine

Burnisher Model #2000 – Automatic Roll in/ Roll out machine

Burnisher Model #3000 – Fully-automated multi-part CNC servo machines



  • Production rates of up to 600 PPH (Parts per hour).
  • Dramatic nick reduction
  • Improved surface finish


Key Features:

  • Cam-activated oscillating action between the three burnish gears and the component gear in tight mesh under pressure and during rotation.
  • PLC controls
  • HMI Touch screen
  • Safety interlocks
  • Automatic lube and coolant system
  • Tooless part changeover
  • Mist collection hood (if required)
  • Robust fabricated and machined base
  • Totally enclosed (dry floor) safety guards
  • Low air and coolant alarms
  • Operation status light (stack light)


Download Gear Burnishing Systems PDF data sheet

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