Veit Tool & Gage manual and motorized double flank gear roll test fixtures, have a proven long quality record in the gear industry. They offer superior accuracy and repeatability, along with a very broad range of applications. From the cost effective model #5001 manual unit, or the model #5000 motorized unit, to the model #5005 with fully integrated pneumatically actuated motorized unit, or a custom designed unit to fit your specific need.


  • Accuracy and repeatability to 2 micron
  • Flexible capacity to handle a variety of part types and sizes on our “Standard” units


Key Features:

  • Shop floor durability
  • Precision ball bearing spindle to 1 micron TIR (total indicator runout)
  • Optional model #6000 between center attachment for shaft parts
  • Capable of both internal and external applications
  • Adjustable mesh engagement pressure for fine pitch or plastic gears, to large course pitch gears
  • Optional sensitive slide with force gage for force sensitive components
  • Choice of mechanical or electronic indicator, digital probe or glass scale
  • Data collection options include:
    • MarCom wireless data transfer software/ with Mahr Type 1086RI electronic indicator.
    • Solartron IS5500 digital probe readout/ with digital probe
    • Marposs Nemo Unit with probe
    • Custom PC with windows based gear software / with glass scale or digital probe


Download Gear Roll Text Fixtures PDF data sheet


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