ONEGAGE® is a unique, patented and cost-effective lightweight accurate gaging solution that can be used for random QC checks to a 100% part process inspection. ONEGAGE® is ruggedly built and delivers accuracies and repeatability down to 2 Microns or eighty millionths of an inch.

Unlike other dedicated gages, ONEGAGE® can be easily configured for multiple applications. Two unique configurations allow the indicator to be located either on the top or the end of the gage. An optional electronic data transfer indicator allows wireless data transfer to your QA monitoring systems.

Applications include:

  • Bore Gage
  • Thread Gage
  • ’O’ Ring Groove Gage
  • Snap Ring Groove Gage
  • I.D. Gage
  • O.D. Gage
  • Chamfer Gage
  • Gear Pitch Diameter Gage
  • Spline Pitch Diameter Gage
  • Thickness Gage
  • and countless more.


Standard ONEGAGE comes with:

  • Completely assembled with Starrett® 81-211J one tenth .0001” indicator
  • Three (3) indicator tips and one (1) extension to cover the full range of ONEGAGE®’s capacity
  • One (1) collet wrench for making adjustments
  • Two (2) set screws and jam nuts to set over-travel limits
  • Pelican Hard Case with fitted foam to store ONEGAGE® and accessories
  • Ready to receive tooling per your requirements


Options include:

  • Mahr 1086 RI electronic indicator with integrated wireless technology
  • “i-stick” simple USB receiver and Marcom software to send data wirelessly to MS Excel or other statistical gaging programs
  • ONEGAGE® standard benchtop unit for “hands-free” operation of ONEGAGE®


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